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AI-based Software developed to Detect COVID-19 in a Minute


On Sunday, news came out that an AI-based device has been developed by the National Institute of Electronics (NIE) which can detect the novel coronavirus within a minute. The device has been developed to speed up the process of detecting the novel coronavirus in suspected patients.

COV-Raid AI Detection can detect the novel coronavirus in the lungs in just a minute.

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The reports said that the Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) has already approved the revolutionary new system.

Dr. Asim Rauf DRAP Chief Executive Officer on Saturday said that the test and the program powering it has been developed locally and has been registered under the DRAP Act of 2012.

COV-Raid will use X-Rays along with oxygen capacity of the blood to define whether a person is infected or not. Presently, the only consistent method to detect the virus is to take a nasal swab from the patient and then use a PCR test on the samples to detect the pandemic virus.

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