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Ahsan Khan Might be a Part of the Next “Fast and Furious” Film

Ahsan Khan the most famous Pakistani actor serving since years for Pakistan’s entertainment industry has shared a video on his Instagram recently showing clips of Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez either filming or rehearsing for the next Fast and Furious film.

The thirty-six-year-old actor shared the video with the caption that asked the viewers to guess where the actor is present.


Ahsan Khan is a big name when it comes to the Pakistani dramas and had also been a part of countless Pakistani films including the recent releases Chupan Chupai and Tick Tock.

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Many speculations could be deduced from the video shared by the Pakistani actor but the most obvious question of all is that what is Ahsan doing there.

While there have been a lot of many Pakistani celebrities who have made their way to Hollywood like Adnan Siddiqui who acted in A Mighty Heart and the living legend Zia Mohiuddin in the Lawrence of Arabia, so now could that be Ahsan Khan taking a major leap in his career.

It is also a possibility that he might just be visiting the Universal Studios in the United States of America, where people mostly find themselves visiting film sets and all. However, the caption posted on the video posted by the actor creates suspicion that there might be something more than what is physically apparent.

Ahsan Khan is a phenomenal actor. His talents speak for itself and it would be no surprise if he has received an offer from one of the biggest Hollywood franchises. I mean it would be fun to watch the Udaari actor drifting cars on roads and participating in street races.

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