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Ahmed Shah; Peechay Dekho Viral Kid Gets His First TV Ad

Ahmed Shah

Ahmed Shah—is that famous kid who became an overnight celebrity with one of his cute random videos which went viral on social media. His video went insanely viral on social media platforms.

Ahmed Shah is famous for his cute way of talking in his northern accent. He has won many hearts by just his way of talking—which for sure is cute. At this young age, keeping his popularity in mind many TV channels have even invited him on their shows.

Now the kid has been seen doing a TV commercial with the famous actress and host Nida Yasir promoting cooking oil products. Ahmed Shah has used his famous dialogue “Peechay Dekho” in the ad while tricking Nida to turn around and look behind her so that he can quickly grab a piece of chicken and eat it.

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Ahmed’s first video of fighting for his school bag got viral overnight which won many hearts and became the reason of his instant fame.

Recently he was invited in a Ramazan transmission aired on ARY Digital. The special transmission dubbed as Shaan-e-Ramazan is hosted by Wasim Badami.

Ahmed Shah has been onto many shows may they be talk shows or morning shows, the hosts, channels and producers of all these shows have been criticized for over-using a kid to get better ratings by some people.

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