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Ahmad Nawaz, APS survivors scores an outstanding result in GCSE exams

Ahmad Nawaz

A survivor of the 2014 Army Public School (APS) assault, Ahmad Nawaz, finished his GSCE exams without a hitch and scored straight A’s.

The student reported his outcome in a tweet and said he accomplished six A*’s and two A’s in his eight GCSE exams. “This is a big success for me and takes me many steps closer to my admission in Oxford Uni,” said Ahmad Nawaz.

Real General Asif Ghafoor additionally complimented the kid on his outcomes in a tweet.

“You made us all proud and defeated evil forces through your courage, determination, and power of education. Good luck in your future pursuits. Stay blessed,” said the director general of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

Nawaz lost his youngest sibling Haris in the 2014 assault and sustained serious wounds himself and was transferred to a United Kingdom healing facility for medicinal treatment. That horrendous day pushed Nawaz to work for rolling out an improvement in the lives of the individuals who have endured like him at the hands of terrorists. He talks about his encounters on various forums and plans to move back to Pakistan subsequent to finishing his education.

He started a campaign when he heard that a number of students from the UK were traveling to Iraq and Syria for terrorist activities. “I started giving speeches to children, helping them understand that terrorism has a massive effect on families like mine.”

The activity prompted his gathering with British PM Theresa May, who lauded his boldness and the campaign he is a part of. The youthful survivor met Nobel Laureate Malala Yousufzai, another champion of education in 2015, who valued his campaign and urged him to continue working.

“My message to all Pakistanis is to educate your children… I’d humbly request the youth to invest in the country’s development…you are the torch bearers of future.”

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Image via Birmingham Mail