After WhatsApp, Instagram will also receive Broadcast Channels

A few days back, we learned about the Broadcast Channels on WhatsApp. Broadcast channels are the platforms that enable users, companies, and celebrities to send one-way messages to followers. Apparently, this feature was available on Telegram initially. After its adoption by WhatsApp, it is now coming to another platform i.e., Instagram.

As per the recent information, the Broadcast Channels feature on Instagram will roll out soon to all users. The latest advancement was disclosed by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The CEO shared information about the new feature as well as the rollout plan on his Broadcast Channel on Instagram. Do note that until now the feature was restricted to a few content creators and celebrities. Whereas it is now rolling out to all users. Followers can respond to messages sent to them and vote in polls, but they are unable to send back replies.

Like Instagram, the company has introduced the Broadcast Channels feature to a few selected organizations and users. Besides text, users can share images, videos, audio, and polls with their followers. Do note that the feature will eventually be introduced to Facebook and Facebook Messenger as well. However, there is no information about the time of arrival for those platforms.

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp owner Meta is quietly creating a decentralized social media network that resembles Mastodon, a competitor of Twitter. According to reports, it would utilize the same APIs that enable Mastodon. However, users will be able to sign in with their Instagram accounts.