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After the success of Chinese Smartphones now its turn for Chinese Cars—Chinese FAW V2 Review

Do you still remember the time when someone has shown you a Chinese phone and you just shrugged your shoulders and said stop it, don’t show me the Chinese phone? And now you might be one of them who have used, kept and admired the Chinese smartphone, its quality and value for money.

It seems reminiscent of Chinese Smartphone growth, how it started and now Chinese smartphones shipments are nearly half of the global smartphone shipments according to a report from Counterpoint Research.

Chinese cars in Pakistan are getting quite popular gradually in the recent years, let’s take Chinese FAW V2 as a test case.

A few years back, there were no reviews about the Chinese FAW V2 on the market when it first entered in the Pakistani market, now you would be able to see tons of positive reviews about the car. I have also witnessed coming across 2 to 3 cars per day while on my way to the office every day. Despite little slow but you must have got the idea of its ramping up popularity.

Chinese FAW V2 Review

I had also written an article on FAW V2 2017 last year commenting on the quality of the car. I regret the time when I wrote this, it was too early to make comments on the car with a limited number of comments available from the car users. The article pointed out three major flaws in the car, the interior quality and build, the fuel economy and the resale value of the car. I was naïve about the car when I first wrote the article about it.

After getting more and more reviews about the car, I have now analyzed the real value of the car. FAW V2 has almost 90% positive reviews on Pakwheels the most popular car portal in Pakistan. Most of the owners have written reviews about the car and they are quite happy with the cars performance, fuel economy, interior and the price they paid to own one.

Pak wheels have also posted a fairly unbiased video review of the car which highlights some glitches in the car as well as the positive elements. So in locally assembled cars in Pakistan FAW V2 is fairly competitive, according to al-Haj FAW motors the car price is 11,54000 ex-factory price after taxation on the road price could reach 1200,000.

FAW V2 Features Specifications

The car comes with dual Airbags, BOSCH ABS + EBD brakes, the car also has builtin door crash beam. It comes with alloy wheels, the electric power windows and electric power steering is the really admired by the owners.

The car also has the large tank space in the boot even being a hatchback, LED tail light, outside mirror indicator light, and high mounted brake light is an addition. The car is 1300cc with 4 cylinders in Ling, water cool, 4 strokes, 16 valves, DOHC, VCT-i, electric control multipoint fuel injecting engine.


In locally assembled cars, FAW V2 is a fairly competitive car on the market, brand new 1300cc with all the features listed above under Rs1200,000 is a boasting car that you can buy. Despite, the market is quite competitive for Chinese cars to become a popular choice in Pakistan, FAW V2 success could further streamline the production processes and the company might produce better models in the future. FAW is the third largest automotive company in China which could make a difference for future growth in Pakistan.