After Petrol, CNG Prices Are Also Reduced

CNG prices

In the province of Punjab, the CNG prices have been reduced.

The price of the Compressed Natural Gas has been slashed by Rs.4.40 per liter.

The new price for CNG would be effective from the 1st of September. The CNG would be sold at Rs.85.50 per liter.

The decrease in the Compressed Natural Gas price would follow a reduction in RLNG price in the international market.

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Earlier the petrol prices were slashed by Rs.4.59 per liter. The new price is to be put into effect from the 1st of September.

On the reduction of prices, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan—the Special Assistant on Information and Broadcasting of PM said that the benefit of the lowered international oil prices would be provided to the people.

On the other hand, the Torkham border is to start night time operations from Monday.

All the needed arrangements are being done for starting the night services with ease.

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