After OnePlus, oppo, and Vivo, Realme is also leaving the German market

BBK Electronics is a Chinese multinational firm. It has four subsidiaries Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, and Realme. It specializes in electronic products like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs, and digital cameras. In the past, we learned about the Chinese companies exiting the European market. The news uncovered that OnePlus and Oppo will leave the German market owing to patent disputes with Nokia.

Reportedly, Nokia has filed a lawsuit against the smartphone companies. Further information indicated that the Oppo and OnePlus stores in Germany didn’t even receive the latest smartphones nor did the website of the companies feature the flagships. Soon after this, we heard that Vivo is also abandoning the German space. The website of the company was turned down. All these companies are reportedly restricted from selling in the German market.

Now a recent piece of information suggests that the fourth member of the BBK group is going to face a similar situation in the German market. Yes, you read it right. Realme is leaving the German market. The information comes from the German representative of the company. Reportedly, the representative told NextPit that the company’s business will be restricted in the country due to a legal battle with Nokia. Realme will convey its budget to other European markets. The company will persist in the remaining European core market. Realme will still extend service and software support for German users.