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Aftab Iqbal to Open his Own News Channel

Good news for the Aftab Iqbal fans, as per sources the most loved anchor person and senior journalist is planning to open his own news channel. The news channel would be named as “Aap News”. The sources revealed that preparations for the opening of the new channel are in full bloom.

Aftab Iqbal informed that he has chosen the name of “Aap” for his channel as it is only a three-lettered word and three letter words are easy to remember and utter.

On his YouTube channel, while conversing with his team of Khabardar, Aftab Iqbal mentioned that he had no intentions of making the channel and he was happy with his show, but the channel was like written in his destiny. He is trying to fulfil the administrative affairs like an obligation.

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Aftab Iqbal said that he never in his life for once did any management related work, however, now he is doing it. His brother Junaid Iqbal is accompanying him in his efforts and is playing a major role. If this had been some Olympic competition, then for sure his brother would have received a medal for it. Alongside his brother, his teacher Faisal Sher Khan is also supporting him in managing the channel related affairs.

Regarding the query that why the need arose for opening a channel, Aftab Iqbal said that all other channels are doing good work, however, every channel is in the state of competition and none of the channels is focusing on imparting knowledge to people. Relating the name of the channel he said that three lettered words are easy to say and are said in limited time like CNN, BBC, Geo News, etc. He said that to say a long name is comparatively difficult than saying a word made of three letters.

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  1. The good news about this channel is that it covers international news like Al-Jazeera and CNN.
    Other news channels are myopic focusing only on Pakistan – mostly boring news.

  2. Hope this channel will be social enterprise not business enterprise like other channels.

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