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Aftab Iqbal Left Aap Channel And Joined Neo News

Aftab Iqbal is a TV anchor and the famous name in contemporary funny current affair programs, he was in fact the inspiration for all channels to start their own programs like the ones started by Aftab Iqbal.

Quite recently Aftab Iqbal has left Aap News channel and joined Neo News and started new program name stamp “Khabar Yaar”, previously it was reported two years ago that Aftab Iqbal is starting his own News Channel Aap in 2018. However, he could not stand more than two years with his partners at Aap and due to disagreements on policies he left Aap News and joined Neo, not surprisingly he has also taken his team with him and started rebranded program again.

He has done that in past, first of all, he started program on Dunya News with name “Hasb e Haal”, when he left Dunya News he started new program “KhabarNaak” on Geo TV, after spending few years there he again had a dispute with Geo management and switched TV channel, this time it was Express-News and the new program was “Khabar daar”. However, after a few years, he and some of his investors collectively started new Channel Aap News and he rebranded his previous program as “Khabar Zaar” this time.

Yet another prefix title “Khabar Yaar” is now started on Neo News, Aftab Iqbal seems to have a mission and conquer all News channels with his name stamp. Despite leaving channels and starting new shows, Aftab Iqbal’s audience is still intact with the TV anchor and his team, the way he operates, and manages his team and keeps viewers interest intact with his abilities to efficiently run the program could not be seen in any other program or anchorperson in general.

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