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Aftab iqbal launching rebranded Khabarzar program on AAP news soon

Aftab Iqbal is all set to launch its new program which is rebranded from Khabardar to Khabarzar soon on a new TV Channel named “App News”

It was reported earlier in April that one of the most prime-time prominent anchor Aftab Iqbal which is not only popular in Pakistan but also in Pakistani communities across the continents is focusing to launch a new TV Channel named “Aap News”, however, it was not clear when the new channel would be launched, however, the specific deadline for launching is still missing.

Earlier Aftab Iqbal in his previous TV program “Khabardar” said he would be launching a new channel by August 14, 2018, but due to various constraints, the launching has been delayed.

On his YouTube Channel on 16 November 2018, he made some promising statements and said the new rebranded program “Khabardar” would be launched on AAP NEWS, Nauman Ejaz, famous Pakistani TV actor will also host a new show on TV.

He also has indicated that Najam Sethi would be joining their management team and he will probably start a new program on AAP News.

Many viewers admired AAP media network and Indus news network but many fans and followers were outraged due to the fact that Najam Sethi would be joining the television, people have commented on the video not to hire Najam Sethi for your channel. Najam Sethi is a journalist, former GEO News reporter and anchor has been observed as a biased and anti-establishment journalist among various circles. Many followers have commented this way.


Aftab Iqbal would be serving AAP News channel as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).