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Africa is Literally Dividing into Two

A large split that is extended over several miles has appeared out of nowhere in Eastern Africa and has resulted in causing a part of Nairobi-Narok highway in Kenya to collapse.

As per Daily Mail, the huge opening which is as of several kilometres is believed to be fifty feet in width. The split at Kenya’s Rift Valley has fearfully risen and grown because of the seismic activities going on in the area.

The Sun cited Dr Lucia Perez Diaz—Postdoctoral Researcher at the Fault Dynamics Research Group—University of London while explaining the reason of the split that activity along the eastern side of the rift valley became apparent when the large rupture all of a sudden appeared in the South-West of Kenya.

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The process is called as the “continental rifting”, which refers to the deformation of the lithospheric plates—the upper mantle and Earth’s crust due to lateral pressure, which has to lead to a gap formation in the ruptured region.

Dr Diaz further mentioned that the rifts are the initial stage of a continental crack and could shape a new ocean basin over a span of tens of millions of years.  The ocean would be flooding in and would result in making the African continent much smaller and there would be a large island in the Indian Ocean comprising of the parts of Somalia and Ethiopia, including the Horn of Africa.

As per the reports of Tech Time the crack has damaged many houses along the way. One of the affected victims said that she was eating dinner with her family that the incident occurred resulting in her house to split in two.

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