Aerial Firing & Bike Wheeling Banned on New Year’s Eve

There has been a ban put on aerial firing, motorcycle wheeling on New Year’s Eve in Karachi by Sindh Government. Sindh Government has issued a notification that states that the ban will be placed from December 31 to January 1.

In order to ensure that no unfortunate incident or attack occurs in New Year, a strict security plan has been formulated by the Sindh Police. The police have been directed to take all necessary measures for the security of the citizens.

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Citizens Against Weapons is a group that works and campaigns against arms in the society. The group wrote a letter to Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah in June asking him to take action against home department officials who are unable to ban aerial firing in Sindh.

The letter was written after a young kid, 15-year-old Syed Hussain Raza Zaidi was killed and many others got injured due to aerial firing. People in Pakistan celebrated India’s defeat to Pakistan in the final of ICC Champions Trophy. So much that in their celebrations they lost control and a young kid lost his life.

This is not the first time people have died in Karachi due to aerial firing. It has happened before. On New Year’s Eve last year a six-year-old kid Subhan died when a stray bullet hit him. Moreover a seven-year-old girl, Afta was severely injured because of similar reasons.

It is important that we ban such celebrations because at what moment your celebration becomes a lifetime tragedy for another family, you will not know. It’s better to be strict on these issues. As for those celebrating, there are many other risk-free ways to enjoy something, better opt for them.

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