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AEDB Agrees to Construct 11 Wind Power Projects


According to news reports, the chief executive of the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Rana Abdul Jabbar signed an agreement for the construction of 11 wind power projects in Sindh for the generation of 550 megawatts electricity.

The aero-generators will be constructed in Jhimpir village of Sindh. The contract is given to 10 private companies for the production of electricity. According to officials, the companies will 50 MW windmill and 60 MW aero-
generator to produce electricity in the mid of 2021. The federal government had set a goal to produce electricity using alternative sources of power production using furnace oil.

It will increase production to 20 percent. Omer Ayub Khan, Minister of Power Division had announced to plan strategies to generate 8000 MW electricity through renewable energy by 2025.

He said 85 percent of electricity will be generated through domestic resources. In this way, electricity will be provided at a reasonable rate to the consumers. Under the chairmanship of Omer Khan, ARE Policy 2019 draft was approved by all the members on October 11th, 2019. The AEBD prepared the draft with the consultation of private and public sectors. Stakeholders and provincial government agencies were also a part of the consultation.

Suggestions and recommendations of Provincial representatives were intended for improving the policy outline. The chairman stated that the policy aimed to create a favorable environment. Irfan Ali, Federal Secretary Power
Division appreciated the policy adopted to improve the indigenous resources of the country. All provinces will be a part of a committee designed by the AEDB.

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