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Advanced Metering Infrastructure to be Launched for Controlling Power Theft

advanced metering infrastructure

Omar Ayub Khan—the Minister for Energy (Power Division) informed on Saturday that an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system would soon be launched and ABC cables would be installed sometime in near future for controlling power theft.

While conversing with the state-owned media channel, the energy minister said that the system would not only be giving a halt to the stealing of energy but would also be ensuring real-time meter reading.

He also said that the power division had to form a plan for curbing power theft besides increasing the overall capacity of power generation and transmission of electricity. He further added that the division is busy with the provincial governments, law enforcement agencies and local authorities for forming special task forces to introduce a hunt down operation against electricity theft.

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Regarding ABC cables, the Minister for energy said that it had a potential to halt any kind of power theft, the cables would be installed firstly only within the premises of IESCO—Islamabad, LESCO—Lahore and PESCO—Peshawar. The entire project cost has been approximated to be nine hundred million dollars.

Omar Ayub Khan also mentioned that the Asian Development Bank would be providing the financial backing to the project. He also added that the installation of the AMI system and the ABC cables would not just be curbing the electricity theft, however, would also be leading to a much-awaited reduction in the circular debt.

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