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Administration unable to do anything as protestors paralyze twin cities


The administration appeared to be hesitant to make a move against the members of the sit-in at Faizabad Interchange as the occupants of the twin city communities kept confronting hardship because of the road closures for the 6th successive day.

The sit-in arranged by Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasool Allah and Sunni Tehreek deadened routine life in the twin city area.

A cop told Dawn on the state of anonymity that the police and the capital organization had approached Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal looking for consent to make a move for opening of the roads however the minister was hesitant to issue a written order. Speculations are that the already weakening government does not want another model town incident on its hands.

He said the demand was made as the citizens had been blaming the district organization and the police for their inaction to expel the protestors from the region. He said Senator Raja Zafarul Haq was holding talks with the pioneers of the protestors on Monday night and the police were sitting tight for its result.

Then again, Sunni Tehreek representative Naeem Raza disclosed that the sit-in would proceed till the abdication of the federal law minister.

None of the administrative bodies are taking action against the sit-in

Police authorities said religious theological schools and individuals from various parts of Rawalpindi were providing food items to the members of the sit-in. They said vehicles stacked with food items, fruits and water were delivered at the area for distribution among the members of the sit-in.

Due to the sit-in at Faizabad, inter-city commuters have moved to different areas, including I.J. Vital Road, Ninth Avenue, Pirwadhai and Karachi Company.

Additionally, stacked trucks going to various parts of the nation are utilizing streets in the capital city, including Zero Point Interchange, adding to the blockade of the roads. The other three principle roads amongst Islamabad and Rawalpindi – Ninth Avenue, Kashmir Highway close Gorla Mor and Park Road – remained practically stifled.

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