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Adiala Jail’s Head Warden Replaced for Hugging Nawaz Sharif

Adiala Jail’s Head Warden hugged Nawaz Sharif and got replaced. The administration of Adiala Jail transferred the officer because he embraced the former disqualified Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The name of the head warden has not been disclosed but it is being claimed that he was a fan of Nawaz Sharif and a supporter of PML-N party.

The Adial Jail official was deployed on duty at the barrack of Nawaz Sharif. He was not permitted to walk inside the cell of Nawaz Sharif but he disobeyed the orders. He went inside former Prime Minister’s cell and embraced him. Nawaz gave a pat on his shoulder as the warden hugged Sharif.

A monitoring team in the jail saw the whole event through security cameras that are fixed in the cell. The matter was then brought in to the notice of the IG prison. The IG saw the video, gave a warning to the head warden and decided to transfer him.

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It was earlier reported that the inmates at Adiala jail started slogans against Nawaz Sharif when he came out of his cell for a walk in the courtyard. Therefore due to security reasons, Nawaz’s movements were restricted to his cell.

Furthermore keeping the safety of Sharif in mind he is also forbidden to offer his prayers in the mosque.

It is being reported that Nawaz Sharif along with his daughter might be transferred from Adiala Jail to rest house in Sihala. However, as per a journalist, PML-N is preparing to attack Adiala Jail thus Maryam Nawaz is against their transfer.

The announcement in the Avenfield corruption reference filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against the Nawaz Sharif and his family was made on July 6th. Accountability Court announced jail for 10 years for Nawaz Sharif, 7 years for Maryam Nawaz and 1 year for Capt Safdar.