Actress Simi Raheal Criticizes PTV for Mistreatment of Senior Artists


Veteran actress Simi Raheal criticized PTV (Pakistan Television Network) for mistreatment of the senior veteran artists. Yesterday, she uploaded a picture of a cheque for Rs.1400 made out to her by the channel. Simi Raheal considered the move as disgraceful on PTV’s part.  

Raheal wrote on her Instagram that a cheque from PTV dated November 2020 is very insulting and disgraceful. Simi wrote that she is sad to see the way her state is honoring its artists. This is the salutation of Pakistan television after 4 decades which was truly horrendous.

According to the reports, Rashid Mehmood in September also slammed PTV (Pakistan Television Network) through social media for paying unfair compensation for his work.

He also posted a picture on his Twitter account which showed a cheque from PTV amounted to Rs.650. This act was awful as Rashid Mehmood has also been awarded the Pride of Performance.

His Twitter post read; he just received a cheque from PTV and he couldn’t understand it. The total amount written on the cheque was Rs.620. Rashid Mehmood wrote that he wants to know the criteria of paying an actor who spent fifty years of life working with PTV and also won a Pride of Performance.

Although, the issue later settled among PTV and Rashid Mehmood.

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