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Actress Nadia Jamil Diagnosed with Breast cancer

Recently, Nadia Jamil a well-known actor and TV host told everybody on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with a breast cancer grade 3 tumor.

Yesterday on her twitter account she made this depressing announcement. She tweeted that she was diagnosed with cancer last week and it has been four days since the treatment has started.

Nadia Jamil told everyone how she feels ever since she got diagnosed with cancer.

She states that she has felt each every sort of feeling starting from fear, apprehension, acceptance, unbeatable love to calmness, overwhelming gratitude, patience till a sense of responsibility towards her parents, children, loved ones and for herself.

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The actor from the movie Balu Mahi also briefed about the type of cancer she has been diagnosed with. According to which she has a grade 3 tumor and stage 1 of breast cancer. She also advises every woman to go for regular checkups whenever you feel any abnormalities in your body.

She concluded her tweet with an awareness message for the women to never ignore any kind of abnormality in your body. Nadia Jamil is positive in this emotional phase and is now waiting for the doctors to give her a surgery date.

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