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Actor Naveed Raza Donates his Plasma to help Critical COVID-19 Patients


A well-known Pakistani actor Naveed Raza gives away his plasma to help other coronavirus patients who are in critical condition. A few days back, Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz both donated their plasmas too.

The actor shared on his Instagram account by saying that he donated his plasma to the Dow University of health and science in Karachi in order to save other human lives fighting with coronavirus. He further added that a professional team of doctors and lab technicians helped me while donating the plasma.

He also wrote that he is praying for a speedy recovery of all those who are fighting with this deadly disease and requests everyone to donate their plasmas after recovering.

A few days back, Naveed Raza and his wife Kanwal shared the news of their recovery from the pandemic virus on social media.

They both shared their coronavirus experience and the recovery process.

The couple posted a video on Instagram in which they spoke about hope, anxiety, and stigma.

Naveed Raza and his wife also shared their symptoms and the recovery process in the video. Both of them lost their sense of smell and taste for around ten days.

After the diagnostics, both of them increased the intake of kehwas, vitamin C, and Kalonji. They tried to avoid anti allergies, medications, and antibiotics as much as they could during the suffering.

At the end of the video, the couple thanked all their friends, family, and well-wishers who prayed for their speedy recovery.

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