Activision Boss Bobby Kotick To Leave Soon

It has been clear since last week that Microsoft is taking over Activision Blizzard. This also ends the Bobby Kotick era, as he will be leaving the company at the end of the year after a short transition period – and there is practically no one who would be sad about that.

The most hated CEO in the gaming business

It’s far from a secret that Bobby Kotick was less than popular within Activision Blizzard because of his leadership style. Over the years, the publisher’s long-time Chief Executive Officer has been criticized for, among other things, collecting a fat and ever-increasing salary while simultaneously carrying out mass layoffs.

Two years ago there was a flood of criticism from outside because Kotick reacted – to put it kindly – extremely unhappy after allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and even rape surfaced against a number of Blizzard employees. At that time, more than a thousand employees called for his resignation, but Kotick also survived this crisis.

But with the takeover, Activision Blizzard is finally getting rid of its unloved boss and hardly anyone is making a secret of how relieved they are. When the takeover was announced, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier wrote: “I spoke to several Activision Blizzard employees this week, all of whom were very excited for this deal to go through. ” When asked, Schreier said that employees were particularly excited about the change in the “C-Suite” and that undoubtedly meant one person in particular: Bobby Kotick.

The echo in the media is also clear. For example, Mike Drucker writes in a comment in The Gamer: “Goodbye, Bobby Kotick. You’re leaving Activision at the end of the year. That’s good. As the angry man said on the fancy HBO show, fuck off. You let it happen “That a company was tearing itself apart and blowing up some of its best franchises while you aggressively ruined the lives of employees.”

In an angry text, Drucker says that Kotick deliberately looked the other way when allegations against Blizzard employees became known to him – long before they became public: “Your actions and your inaction are responsible for the pain and suffering that people “I know personally, have experienced this. You are accused of knowing about sexual misconduct in your company for years and you have done nothing to help.”

“Some people have a human side, but whatever you do with your family or how much fun you have on your yachts, it doesn’t matter if your management strategy was basically the banality of evil,” Drucker continued. “Bobby Kotick, you may never see yourself as a bad person, but luckily your own opinion of yourself won’t count if you’re accepted into Hell.”

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