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About 83% of Pakistanis are Concerned about their Job Security


A new opinion survey revealed that about 83% of Pakistanis are concerned about their job security. 31% of respondents themselves lost jobs or knew people who lost their jobs due to the prevailing economic conditions.

The most worrying issues for the respondents were increasing inflation, unemployment, and rising poverty. They said that the deteriorating economic condition in the country has left millions in the heave.

The results depicted that the trust of people in the economy has weakened. They were uncomfortable about investing and only 21% believed that Pakistan is heading in the right direction.

The results are on the basis of a score that ranges from 0-100. If the index inched more towards 100 it meant better sentiment. The survey was conducted back in December.

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The results showed that the confidence of people in the economy was declining as the score of Pakistan on the National Index stood at just 32.8. The score of India stood at 61.1 which dropped from 62.9 in the August 2019 findings.

As the government is undertaking economic stabilization policies, Pakistan is passing through a phase of low economic growth and higher inflation.

Primary data was taken for this research from a nationally representative sample of 2,900 people. The people from whom the data was taken aged between 18 and 65 years in December 2019. When they were questioned about job security just 17% of Pakistanis said that their job is secure.

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