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Abbottabad Hospital carries out drug trials on Coronavirus Patients

Ayub Medical College and Teaching Hospital proposed to carry out drug trials on COVID-19 patients in order to find out a cure to this deadly disease. The Proposal has been accepted by the US National Institute of Health.

They gave the trial a title called ‘Effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients’ which was approved by NIH last month in which they tried different medicines to treat the patients.

The dean and chief executive officer of Ayub Medical College and Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad Prof Umar Farooq lead the trials and said that they are hopeful that they will succeed.

According to him, the trial completion depends upon the number of patients they will receive.

The trial aims to find out the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin from mild to severe coronavirus patients.

This disease has caused a lot of damage and killed lots of people. Up till now, 23 trials are undergoing and some positive results have been recorded from Wuhan, a city in China.

The drugs that are yet tried have been approved for Malaria treatment by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration whereas in the US the effectiveness in the COVID-19 treatment is a question mark. Many other countries are also trying to find out treatment including the US, China and, India.

According to Umar Farooq as the disease was new so the researches are taking time but they are in progress.

He further says that the disease has no treatment up till now but he is sure that Pakistan will find out a cure and mark its name in the history of medicine.

Prof.Farooq also said that the approval of this proposal was made last month and the trial started a week ago. Three patients have recovered so far but right now the details can’t be spread out because of the patient’s confidentiality.

The patients are being divided into three groups and are given 3 different drugs to figure out the accurate cure of the virus. The results will be shared soon with the NIH.

One group will be given 2 drugs; hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. The second group will be given only hydroxychloroquine and the third group will be treated with the traditional methods.

All the patients are being informed about the trial and research. The only patient below 50 is being included in the drug trial and those with heart disease or kidney problems are not included.

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