Aasia Bibi left Pakistan, departs for Canada: Media Sources

According to the media reports, Aasia Bibi, who was released after the orders of Supreme Court in a blasphemy case last year, has left Pakistan and fly to Canada.

The diplomatic sources of a media house have also confirmed the news saying that Aasia has left Pakistan to fly to Toronto city of Canada.

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When the top court of the country ordered to release Aasia Bibi, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said that the Canadian government was holding talks with the authorities of Pakistan over potentially offering asylum to the Christian woman.

In November of the last year, the rumours were circulating that Aasia had left the women jail in Multan and was being flown to an unknown destination.

This particular quote was attributed to the legal counsel of Aasia Saiful Malook which subsequently gave rise to rumours that Asia Bibi had left Pakistan and fly to Canada.

However, later, the Foreign Office of Pakistan had denied all such reports.

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