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Aasia Bibi can go anywhere she wants: Federal Minister

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Wednesday that Aasia Bibi is free and she can go anywhere she wants.

“She is free to leave the country if she wants and the government of Pakistan will take all the swift measures to ensure her security,” the minister said during an interview to a British TV channel.

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“The government of Pakistan would not allow anyone to challenge the writ of the state,” he added.

Mr Qureshi further said that the relations between Islamabad and Washington are improving as the United States has pledged its confidence in the leadership of Pakistan.

“We have succeeded in throwing the terrorism out from our soil,” the minister said while responding to a question. “Now it is the time for Afghanistan to take the swift action against the terrorists’ safe heavens on its soil. They have to do a lot in this regard,” the minister further said.

“The Prime Minster of Pakistan Imran Khan is ready to meet anyone including the President of the United States Donald Trump for the sake of the country,” Mr Qureshi concluded.