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AARI Introduces 3 New Sugarcane Varieties

sugarcane varieties

The Ayub Agricultural Research Institute (AARI) has introduced 3 new sugarcane varieties which would be providing 40 percent more output in comparison to the already present varieties.

The AARI Director General—Dr Abid Mahmood said this while talking to APP on Saturday. He mentioned that Pakistan is on the number 5th position in terms of being the largest sugarcane producing nation in the world. But, the average output of the country is far less than its potential.

He added that the shortage of water and the climatic changes affects adversely on the crop and are the serious concerns for the production of sugarcane. He said that for combating with the issues and for boosting the sugarcane production, the scientists of AARI have formulated 3 new varieties of sugarcane, which includes the CPF-250, CPF-253, and CPF-251, which would be giving 40 percent more output and requires 30 percent less water for completing the growth cycle.

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While replying to a question, he mentioned that the area which is under the sugarcane cultivation was decreased owing to the shortage of water, marketing problems and the boosting of the other cash crops by the government.

He further added that only in the province of Punjab, the land under the sugarcane cultivation has decreased by 27 percent in one year by adding further that this situation might cause a bad impact on the community.

He also mentioned that the newly-developed varieties were successfully tested by the scientists of the ARRI institute under the various agro-ecological divisions and were anticipated to get the approval for mass cultivation by the Punjab Seed Council in the month to come.

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