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A Young Lady Thrown Out of Cinema for Laughing Too Loud

A twenty-five-year-old woman was mocked and was thrown out of cinema in London for laughing too loud. Tamsin Parker was watching a screening of her favourite movie, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” at the British Film Institute (BFI) with two of her friends. The incident occurred when someone from the audience issued a complaint about Parker laughing and disturbing others at which she was thrown out of the cinema by the BFI staff.

Parker—is an artist and an animator. She was super excited to see the BFI screening and has watched the film nearly eight times, as per her mother—Lydia Parker.

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Lydia—a theatre director, went to collect her daughter when she was removed from the cinema. Lydia informed that her daughter was in tears and scared. She added that while her daughter was forcefully being thrown out some of the audience at the cinema applauded the BFI staff. A man actually abused her, but he too was later thrown out, as cited by The Guardian.

The unfortunate thing was that it was Tasmin Parker’s birthday and on her big day she was subjected to such mockery and shame. The BFI later apologized for the misconduct and their harsh treatment with the young lady and said in a statement that they are looking into this matter rather seriously and would be investigating it further.

Lydia who is also consulting a lawyer about this indecent occurrence said that it would be a good gesture to arrange a screening for Tasmin and her friends and the manager did not sound very apologetic at all at that time.

The incident has started a heated argument on Twitter and people have voiced their opinions on the matter.

It is an unfortunate incident, people need to learn tolerance regarding a lot of things in life. There are people at cinemas who behave weirdly and in ways which are kind of disturbing for others but that in no way means that they should be thrown out of cinema and that too with force—a decent request could do wonders in most cases.

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