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A Young Couple of Karachi is Reclaiming the City with Colors

Two young artists from Karachi are splashing the city with colors, expecting to start the conversation relating reclaiming the city’s public spaces.

Marium Kamal and Safwan Subzwari, a newly wedded couple are working on the transformation of the boring grey walls and excess run-down sidewalks into something eye pleasing. But, the responses they received when they contacted the locality residents relating their idea of transformation were not very encouraging.

Anyway, the couple decided to drive around Karachi with bottles of spray paints as to bring the public spaces to life with their creativity and art. Kamal while conversing with a local newspaper mentioned that the objective behind this action was just to initiate a conversation relating the city, its people and about the art itself. Subzwari added that since they have started doing this they are getting a good and positive response from everyone who learns about it.

Both Kamal and Subzwari are familiar with arts and creativity. Kamal is a graduate of Fine Arts from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) while Subzwari studied film in Los Angeles—Columbia College.

They both are passionate about art and believes it to be the source that could go against the system to bring change.

It should be mentioned that they do not paint or draw any political or social messages as they only want to spread art for the sake of art by their work.

The main aim of the initiative is to change the mood of the Karachiites and make it more brightened. Subzwari mentioned that if a passer-by notices a blue or yellow somewhere around and the person feels some kind of emotion aroused then that’s good enough. He added that we want to reclaim the public spaces back as they belong to the people. The creativity system is easy and simple, Subzwari informed that we just take bottles of spray paints and travel to any random spot and paint. They have plans of incorporating stencils and symbols in their work in future.

They get no funding for this work at the moment. Kamal shared that they do not take this work as some kind of an art project rather it is the way they feel and want to see the city of Karachi regularly.

No local authorities intervened their work. Generally, street artists consider public spaces belong to the public, so they enjoy the rights by beautifying them as they feel.

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  1. At no point did they claim to be graffiti artists… If they want to add color to the streets and open a discourse about reclaiming public space..its their right too..Thats the whole point, i think those unappetizing designed political party posters that are all over the city…i would certainly prefer this over them..

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