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A Woman Kicked Off Plane After A White Man Complained She Was Smelling “Pungent”

An African woman and her kids were told to leave the flight of United Airlines after a fellow passenger complained that the woman had a “pungent” odour, as per the racial discrimination lawsuit filed against the firm.

This incident occurred two years back and involved a white passenger and a Nigerian citizen—Queen Obioma and her two children. They all were taking a flight from Houston to San Francisco. The Nigerian family had flown from Lagos Nigeria and were on the second leg of a 3-flight journey to Ontario—Canada.

Obioma noticed that the other passenger has taken her seat in the business-class cabin, as per the lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in the federal court of Houston. The passenger refused to leave the seat, so a flight crew member, asked Obioma to sit somewhere else in the business class.

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Later Obioma went to use the washroom. On her way back to her seat, the passenger was standing in the aisle and was blocking her way from reaching her seat, the lawsuit says. She asked him to give her way thrice but was ignored. After many minutes she then squeezed her way back to her seat.

However, the moment she sat down, a crew member informed Obioma to go outside the plane, where another employee told her that she cannot board the flight. The lawsuit mentioned that the pilot personally requested for her removal from the aircraft as the male unidentified passenger complained of her smelling “pungent” and he was uncomfortable flying with her.

Obioma went blank and was confused, she explained that she was taking her kids to school in Canada for the first time and they had appointments which could not be missed. Despite her requests crew members refused to let her board the plane.

The lawsuit claims that the United Airlines discriminated against the Nigerian lady and her children during the incident that took place on the 4th of March 2016 at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston because they were black.

The mother and children had to wait for five hours before they could take another flight and they also missed their appointment, Obioma had to pay extra charges too, as per the lawsuit.

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