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A woman declared dead from COVID-19 calls family members 3 weeks later

Is it a miracle of something else happened in Ecuador—a country in South America—where a 74-year-old woman declared dead from the novel coronavirus was later found alive in what was described as a case of mistaken identity.

According to the details, Alba Maruri was declared dead on March 27 from the novel coronavirus—that took lives of the thousands of the people around the world—by the doctors in the city of Guayaquil.

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The details further said that her family members were informed about her death last month and later sent what they were told were her ashes.

The woman, 74, awoke from a three-week coma in the hospital last week and called the members of the family, leaving them in shock.

The family members of Maruri visited the hospital morgue the day they were informed about her death, but couldn’t get a well look at her body as they stayed at a safe distance from the body due to the fears of coronavirus spread. The family members asked for the body to be cremated and later received the ashes.

“It is a miracle,” Maruri’s sister Aura said. “For nearly a month we thought she was dead.”

The members of the Maruri family are now trying to help identify exactly whose ashes they currently were given. According to the details, they have also asked the administration of the hospital for a refund and some compensation for telling them that Alba had died.

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