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A Woman Arrested for Harassing & Blackmailing a Man in Sindh on Social Media

A woman harassed and blackmailed a man in Interior Sindh and almost a month ago the case was registered against the woman by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The case was in itself quite a rare incident.

As per the FIA Sindh Director Muneer Sheikh in April the man filed the complaint against the woman for harassing and blacking him through social media sites. He said the woman was harassing him on Facebook and WhatsApp. She was sending him obscene and indecent pictures. Also, she demanded money from him, thus blackmailing him as well.

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Thus the victim issued a complaint to the FIA Cybercrime Wing which took the action and arrested the woman. The officials also took her computer and cellphone. During the investigation, the woman confessed that she was harassing the victim because he refused to marry her. Though, the FIA closed the case as the issue was resolved between the victim and the harasser.

It is quite a rare incident because normally we hear cases the other way round, that a man is blackmailing and harassing a woman. A woman being the harasser and the man being the victim is something we don’t hear a lot. But it is part of our society. It is important that a man who is being harassed by a woman is brave enough to come forward and it is equally important that they are taken seriously by the authorities which in this case was done by Federal Investigation Agency, Sindh. Similarly, if a woman is being harassed by a man she should also file a complaint because harassment is not something that can be taken lightly or worse ignored. We need to speak about it to stop it.