A wild rumor claim that OPPO and OnePlus are pulling out of Europe

Some pieces of information suggest that OPPO and OnePlus could move out of Europe. Max Jambor is a well-known tipster who shares information regarding OnePlus. Recently, Max shared the information that both companies could soon leave Germany, the UK, France, and the Netherlands.

You might be thinking about the reason behind this move. Well, the prime reason is the patents. Previously, both companies had issues with Nokia regarding patents. Nokia even pulled the litigation threat, which stopped sales of OnePlus and OPPO in Germany. Both companies were sued by Nokia over 5G patents.

Nokia sued both companies over 5G patents. The corporation did clarify that OPPO and OnePlus could choose to renew their licenses under particular conditions in order to escape the sales restriction. At the time, it appeared that this problem would be resolved quickly, but that didn’t happen.

It was anticipated that things could get better and in the meantime, this news came in. it seems like things got worse that OPPO and OnePlus have decided to ditch an entire continent. Nothing can’t be said regarding the accuracy of this news. Where at one side we have no official remarks on this and on the other side the news is based on a tipster that is rarely wrong. We can expect some official announcements in the coming days.

Europe is a huge marketplace. Leaving the marketplace sounds like an odd step opted for by OPPO and OnePlus. But we can expect that both companies would have their own concerns and reasons for this decision. As some side information, both companies are under BBK Electronics.