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A Village Where People Love Sitting on Crocodiles

Crocodiles are considered among the deadliest hunters in the animal kingdom, however, in a small village in Burkina Faso, it is pretty common to see people sitting on top of the deadly reptiles.

The people of Bazoule, nearly thirty kilometres from the capital Ouagadougou, shares their pond with greater than hundreds of crocodiles.

Pierre Kabore said that the village people are used to of the crocodiles since they are young, they swim with them in the water and do similar stuff. He said this while standing few metres away from a crocodile enjoying on chicken provided to it by the villagers.

He said that the crocodiles could always be approached, and one could even sit on them if possess enough courage. He also added that the crocodiles are sacred and do not do anything to anyone.

As per the local legend, the amazing relationship with the predators’ dates to the fifteenth century.

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The village was affected by an unbearable drought until the crocodiles led women to a hidden pond where the villagers could quench their thirst.

Kabore added that the villagers arranged a party for celebrating and thanking the reptiles.

The celebration is known as the Koom Lakre is still organized every year during which the villagers make sacrifices and ask the animals to grant their wishes of prosperity, health and a good harvest.

Instead of being considered a threat, the crocodiles are considered to have a mystical connection with Bazoule.

Kabore said that crocodiles are a representation of the soul of the ancestors and if anyone of them dies, they are buried and given the same funeral as if they were human.

The unusual relationship between the man and crocs has drawn many disbelieving tourists to visit the village and to see this bond for themselves.

On arriving the tourists could buy a chicken which is hung on a stick by a guide and is used for alluring the crocodiles out of pond so that the visitors could pose with the deadly creatures.

One of the tourist a young Frenchman said regarding the experience that it was nice to watch it from a distance but to actually sit on one the back of croc was freaking.

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