A Village in India named ‘Pakistan’


Did you know, there is a village in India named ‘Pakistan’? Due to the tense bilateral relations between India and Pakistan, the villagers living in “Pakistan” village in Bihar want to change the name of their village. In order to change the name of their village, they have petitioned the government officials.

The village does not have any Muslims nor is there is any mosque located there.

A local resident Anup Lal Tuddu said, “We are caught in an awkward situation. None want to marry their daughters with youths from our village. We too feel ashamed of being called Pakistanis while we have nothing to do with Pakistan.”

Another villager said, “The name is also disturbing our relation with our neighbors. We don’t want to be identified as a resident of Pakistan.”

According to the villagers, Pakistan village was at one point a symbol of love and affinity between the citizens of the neighboring countries. But as of now, the people of this village are treated with disdain due to their name.

It is quite sad that India demands tolerance from Pakistan while its own people are being treated in an unfair manner just because they belong from a village named ‘Pakistan’. Isn’t this discrimination at another level?

Local circle official Nandan Kumar said, “The local villagers have handed us a petition demanding for change in name of their village. We are forwarding the petition to senior officials for necessary actions.”

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