A video copyright identification software akin to YouTube is being developed by Microsoft

According to some recent pieces of information, Microsoft is working on a new tool. Reportedly, the new tool will be sued for identifying videos with copyrighted content. It is a YouTube-like tool for videos. Notably, it can be used just like Shazam. The information was rolled out by Windows Report. According to the publication, the new tool or app works similarly to the Copyright Match Tool of YouTube.

It means Microsoft’s new tool will be able to identify the unauthorized use of copyrighted material. The app’s objective is to make it easier for broadcasters and content producers to locate this illegal content. In order to use the app, the user must submit two videos, i.e., a “target video” and a “reference video.” the tool will compare the two videos against the following parameters: the target video contains shots in the same order as the reference video, target video has all the shots from the reference video, or the target video features groups of shots that are found in the reference video.

However, it appears like the app doesn’t require a target and a reference video in order to operate. In this case, the application will use the data it possesses at any given time versus the data in its database. The patent explains it in the following words: The reference and/or target videos can be chosen programmatically or by the user. In one specific example, the reference video is chosen programmatically, whereas the target video is chosen by the user.

For the creation of a video database, the app will depend on search engines like Google, Bing, and others. Currently, there are no details about the future plans of the company regarding this new tool. Perhaps the company might debut it as a standalone app or integrate it into one of Microsoft’s products. It might be available as a plugin for Microsoft copilot in the future. Similar to other patents, there is a chance that the tool might not be available to the general public.

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