A study reveals that skin whitening creams contain cancer-causing ingredients

A study has revealed that the skin whitening creams contain ingredients that may cause cancer.

According to the study by the Local Government Association of England and Wales, the skin whitening creams and other related products have cancer-causing ingredients such as hydroquinone and mercury.

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The legal body warned that a known bleaching agent, hydroquinone, was the “biological equivalent of paint stripper.” It also stated that the usage of mercury could cause life-threatening problems.

The concerned authorities of the United Kingdom (UK) had seized several skin-whitening creams that contain these illegal ingredients. The authorities further warned the consumer to be suspicious of all such low-priced products.

Dr Seema Zia, a dermatologist and MPA, in a TV programme, said that two to four per cent of hydroquinone is allowed in the medical dermatology and many of the companies that produce such products started using 20% of them.

Mercury was used in the making to such products initially because it was cheap and produced quick results, she said.

“The substandard whitening products are being produced in places which continue to ignore safety rules and regulations,” she added. She further said that these products are cheap and easily available in the market.

She further advised the people that do not fall for the marketing gimmicks by the manufacturer companies, instead consult doctors before you buy any skin whitening creams and any other related product.

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  1. It goes to show you the gap between safe skin care products and seriously harmful treatments that may be used outside the best practices of certified dermatology clinics.

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