A Student Commits Suicide over ‘Bad Grades’


How many people would have to lose their lives, for us to realize that it is not okay to criticize, humiliate, and pressurize others? Yet another student has committed suicide. And for what? Over bad grades!

Why do we have to push others on the edge of a cliff? Why can’t we as a society learn to support, help and encourage each other? The death of the girl in BNU, the death of Anam Tanoli and now the death of this youngster, how many lessons would we be taught before we realize that it’s not okay to make others feel like they are unwanted or misfit in this world.

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All students are not toppers. All students do not excel in studies. And it is okay to accept that. Some students might be more interested in Arts or Sports or they might just be figuring out their talents. And it is completely fine. It is high time that parents need to understand this.

 The student before committing suicide wrote a note in which he asks for forgiveness from his parents and explains that he did try to score better but was not able to do so. He said that after scoring so low there will be no respect left, thus, he bid farewell to his parents.

Let us not just forget this incident like so many others before. Let this incident be a lesson for all of us to be more kind to people around us. Little kindness can do wonders. Parents need to change their mentality. They need to stop suffocating their children. Let them breathe. Give them space to wander, explore, discover. Give them space, to live.

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