A sports widget will soon be added to the Google app for Android


In order to make live scores more accessible to users, tech giant Google is all set to introduce a new widget to the home screen of the Android Google app. Reportedly, the company is working on a new sports widget. In the past, Google debuted the Finance Watchlist and now a sports widget for sports enthusiasts is on its way. The new widget will give the latest information to users regarding their favorite games. The new widget can be found on the home screen of the Google app.

Once the new Google Sports widget is added to the home screen, users get access to information about the upcoming games and live or past matches of the teams they follow. The date, time, score, and league in which they are competing are displayed on the cards. You can access Google Search’s complete Knowledge Graphic Card by tapping on this Google Sports widget.

The new sports widget is not accessible to all users

Users can view the scores on Google Search. The list can be customized from the settings page of the widget or directly through Search. Users can set a single- or double-column view for the widget. A single list of games is available with the single-column view however, a dual-column list along with one game at the top appears on the dual-column view.

Scores are updated both manually and automatically. For manual updates, users can access a special button that can be found at the top of the widget. It is right next to the “Last updated” timestamp. When a scorecard is clicked, the full information about the game appears in the form of a full Knowledge Graph card on Google Search. Scores are presented under two categories, including “Your games” and “Trending games.”

Although the new widget is available in the latest beta version of the app, it is not enabled. It might be rolled out to beta testers in the coming weeks before making its way to the stable version of the app.

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