A smart way to activate Airplane Mode was patented by Google

As per some recent pieces of information, the tech giant Google is working on a smart approach for activating Airplane Mode. reportedly, Google filed a patent for the new approach at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It has been referred to as “Activating a Connected Flight Mode.”

While flying, users are asked to turn on the Airplane Mode in order to avoid electromagnetic interference. On the other hand, sometimes the Airplane Mode is used to cut off connections to concentrate on relevant stuff. In the Android system, Airplane Mode is activated with a single tap. But the company is going to modify it with a new approach.

The Airplane Mode will automatically turn on by checking some environmental factors

As per the details mentioned in the patent document, the device will use sensors to monitor certain elements like speed, acceleration, cabin sounds, and pressure to determine if a user is flying. Google will be able to determine if a device is in an airplane and if there is any variation in the sound of the flying engine, the altitude ding, and radio signals (GPS, Cellular ID, Wi-Fi signal). Furthermore, the company can also rely on booking records and check-in status to activate the Connected Flight Mode.

With the Connected Flight Mode, the device stays connected to the airplane’s Bluetooth Wi-Fi. It inhibits electromagnetic interference. It turns off all connections of a device that are required to be turned on separately by the user. In addition to this, Connected Flight Mode works with the airplane’s Wi-Fi as a standard network.

The feature is described in the following way by Google: “Therefore, processes which use an abundance of bandwidth, such as photo backups, may still operate while on a flight irrespective of actual flight network capabilities and characteristics and thus can take up quite a bit of the constrained resources of the plane’s internet connectivity. A connected flight mode can be automatically activated before or during a flight using the disclosed technique, giving portable computing devices granular levels of connectivity.