A shopkeeper arrested for taking Rs1,000 from each recipient of govt's Ehsaas programme – Research Snipers

A shopkeeper arrested for taking Rs1,000 from each recipient of govt’s Ehsaas programme

It has been reported that a shopkeeper has been arrested for charging Rs 1,000 from each woman who was supposed to be given Rs 12,000 under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme initiated by the PTI-led federal government of Pakistan.

According to the details shared by the police officials, the shopkeeper in Muzaffargarh also called all the women to his personal residence in Shah Jamal to distribute the cash announced by the government of Pakistan instead of giving it to them at a help center.

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The details further said that a case has been registered against the suspect over the complaints filed by some of the women.

The spokesperson of the Punjab Police department said that as many as seven people have been apprehended across the province so far over defrauding and illegally deducting money from the people under the cash program launched by the government to provide relief to the people during the coronavirus crisis.

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