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A Saudi cleric called Valentine’s Day a “Positive Social Event”

An influential Saudi cleric has endorsed Valentine’s Day, which is forbidden in the kingdom for long time. The cleric called Valentine’s Day a “Positive Social Event” that was not linked to religion.

“Valentine’s Day is a positive social event and congratulating people for it is not against the Sharia (law),” said Al Ghamdi, Al Arabiya television reported.

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“It is an act of kindness to share greetings and red roses with each other on Valentine’s Day, as long as it is towards peaceful people who do not share animosity or are being at war with Muslims.”

In recent years, the Saudi Kingdom has launched a series of reforms in the country. Prince Mohammad has cut back the political role of hardline clerics in a historic reordering of the kingdom in order to return the Saudi state to “moderate Islam”.