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A rise in the Demand for Mangoes

demand for mangoes

With the advent of the summer season, an increase has been witnessed in the demand for mangoes. The vendors are witnessing a good increase in the demands of the fruit throughout the nation.

Pakistan is a significant player in the farming of mangoes in the world as the soil and the climatic conditions of the country are highly suitable for the growth of mangoes.

As per traders, the wholesale fruit market is full of mango lovers, traders and exporters. On a regular basis, as a truck loaded with the fruit, has started to reach the market early in the morning.

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The variety Chaunsa of Pakistan is one of the top available varieties of the world. It is grown in the different parts of the world but is said have its origins in Rahim Yar Khan and Multan regions of Punjab.

Mangoes is the most loved fruit of all. No matter the age and size it is a favourite of all.

Dr Khurram Javed—a physician said that mangoes cannot be compared to other fruits owing to its tempting taste which is why it is called the King of Fruits. He also informed that research has revealed that eating mangoes assist in elevating bad moods and maintains a happy mood.

He added that it also prevents from heart diseases.

Dr Khurram also said that mangoes contain fibre which could help to fight against cancer.

He revealed that on an average one mango has got 1-gram protein, 3 grams Fiber, Vitamin-E and sodium and 28grams of carbohydrates.

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