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A rise in the Culture of Iftar Get-Togethers

iftar get-togethers

A rise in the culture of iftar get-togethers has been witnessed in the last Ashura of Ramazan. These get-togethers are arranged for the relatives, colleagues and friends both at homes and at the restaurants. The culture of these gatherings is on rising across the nation especially among the youngsters.

To arrange an iftar party is the most recent and famous trend. Usually special programs are organized during the holy month and a prayer congregation is also arranged by several groups or even by the individuals.

In the last few years, this new trend is ever increasing among the people no matter to which profession they belong to. These parties provide all a chance to interact with people of different walks of life.

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As per a family, Ramazan is the month of fasting, but it is also a month of giving and opening our hearts and hands widely to invite people over for earning the reward of feeding a fasting person.

Iftar get-togethers mean a company of all those people one loves along with good food, prepared with love and care.

These parties are a must attend and well-loved occasions for students or people living away from their families.

Besides being a chance to have a family reunion, these outdoor iftar parties are also coming out as a potential opportunity of business for the hotels and restaurants for acquiring maximum profits during the holy month.

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