A Restaurant in Plane launches in Chitral

A restaurant inside a plane has launched in Chitral. Earlier a restaurant was launched in Skardu that was created inside a huge jet. Also in Karachi, the Airport Security Forces (ASF) turned an aircraft in Karachi to an extravagant restaurant with an amazing view.

The people found those restaurants appealing. Thus a businessman has launched Friendship Restaurant in Chitral. On 25th November the restaurant was launched. The restaurant was immediately loved by the locals and foreigners. Reason being the location, aesthetics, amazing menu and food quality of the restaurant. Along with this, the price is also quite affordable.

The re-purposed PIA AP-ALN Fokker plane has been redesigned as the restaurant. It was parked outside an area in Balach, Chitral. A businessman bought the plane and changed it into an eatery.

An area for families will be added in the restaurant to ensure they have their privacy. It will cater to all kinds of people, of all ages and groups. Also if you want to go out with your friends an area for them will also be fixed. Space has been rented out for parking as well. Security of the area has been secured to make sure that people can freely come to the area and enjoy. Furthermore, for extremely sunny and chilly weathers three separate rooms have been built with heating and cooling arrangements.

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