A redesign of Google TV brings more apps to your TV

Google TV users have a dedicated section that showcases the apps installed on the device. This section has been named Your Apps. The current user interface of the Google TV operating system features rectangle-shaped icons under the Your Apps section. According to some recent pieces of information, it is going to change in the future.

According to the information shared by Android developers, the tech giant Google will redesign the home screen of the Google TV in the future. The information was shared on Medium. With the redesign, the apps will appear inside circular-shaped icons under the Your Apps section. Furthermore, Google shared an image showcasing the new design.

The image reveals that besides changing the shape of icons, the size of icons is also reduced. These redesign updates will make the section more spacious, thus featuring more apps simultaneously. All in all it will be beneficial for users since it will improve the user experience. Right now, users can view 12 apps under the Your Apps section. The redesign will showcase 10 apps, according to the image. There are more apps in this area because only a portion of the home screen is visible in the photograph.

Regretfully, we are unaware of the number. The company declares that the new UI will arrive at some point next year. There are no details about the exact date of the release. Additionally, Google has requested that developers provide a square-shaped app icon. The operating system will resize square icons so that they appear in the “Your apps” area as circles.

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