A power product by Nothing that never reached its costumers

Recently, Carl Pei discussed a product category that had been tried and rejected by Nothing. It was a clear power bank that supported 65 watts of fast charging. The product fell short of the R&D team’s expectations, which was the cause. This power bank, which was most likely going to be called the Nothing Power (1), was scheduled to launch immediately after the Nothing Ear (1).

Power banks are fundamentally a distinct product category that calls for specialized knowledge in the industry, particularly to comply with safety regulations. To Carl, nothing was still a start-up, a small business, and lacked the resources to carry out further research and development to make Power (1) live up to expectations at the time of its conception.

Challenges faced by Nothing team while working on Nothing Power (1)

Transparent design is incorporated into Nothing’s design language. The team’s only task was to figure out how to include transparent design aesthetics without compromising the Nothing products’ durability and security. For example, the group had to make the glue invisible while keeping dust out so that it could not be seen from the outside.

There were several durability difficulties with the Power (1). A limited number of materials may be used for the exterior due to the translucent design. However, the product, a power bank, was somewhat bulky. It failed the drop tests that it was required to undergo. We realized we had to start over and create a new product design because of the problems with the current one. It didn’t feel worth it anymore at that moment, Carl stated in a video.

In addition, the Nothing Power (1) was a little device that could handle 65 watts of rapid charging. It did, however, have problems with overheating. Under the transparent body of the device, the transparent design only permitted certain materials and design components. It’s imperative that heat be dissipated properly, particularly for products with internal batteries.

“Many of us invested a great deal of time, money, and emotion into this product. Carl Pei remarked, “We learned a lot of lessons along the way” regarding the Power (1) that was never put into mass production.

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