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A petition filed in LHC challenging the e-challan system

A petition challenging the legal status of e-challan of vehicles has been filed in the Lahore High Court on Tuesday.

A judge of the Lahore High Court Justice Muzammal Akhtar Shabbir heard the petition and sough a written reply from the Chief Operating Officer, Safe City, and Chief Traffic Officer.

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The high court questioned why the vehicles are being issued an e-challan without any amendment in the law.

The petitioner stated before the high court that there is no concept of e-challan under the section 116(a) of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance. “After the merger of the Safe City Authority with the Traffic Police, the provincial government should amend the Motor Vehicle Ordinance,” petitioner added.

The petitioner further said that issuing e-challan to the vehicles without its mention in the constitution is the violation of the law. He prayed the Lahore High Court to nullify the e-challan system started by the Safe City Authority and the Traffic Police.