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A Pakistani Welder Creates Handmade Car in 9000 Hours

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Mirza Abdul Majeed—an Electric Welder who belongs to Rawalpindi has just given a surprise to all with his unique creation. He has created a handmade car from scratch with the help of his sons.

As per Majeed, he spent 4 years in the making of this car in his little workshop which is situated in Pindi. He has got the experience of working in technical fields for 35 years and has been involved in the field of electric welding for more than 25 years.

Back in the year 2012, Majeed’s workshop sunk as was not doing good business and was of no benefit for the welder. This was the time when the welder took the decision to do something completely different.

He created an entirely handmade car which is something of marvel in itself.

While sharing his story Mirza Abdul Majeed said that back in the year 2014, he took the decision to start his dream project of creating a handmade car in Pakistan. However, soon he realized that to create this car would be an extremely expensive project.

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Although, the task looked tedious and near to impossible, he kept on working. He started to make the car from the wheelbase instead of starting from the body.

As per the local crafter of the car he made it from small tools and without any help from the computerized designing. Since electric cars are not that popular in Pakistan hence Majeed decided to go with the normal 660cc engine.

The steering system, driveshaft, exhaust, fuel tank and drive pedals of the car are all handmade. After fixing the seats on the wheels, Majeed decided to take the car out on a test run and then it dawned on him that the results were pretty amazing.

The most tough part to create was the body owing to the lack of advanced technology and designing machines. He spent weeks on the making of a single piece of the body.

Although, funds were limited Majeed made sure that the quality of car is never compromised. He was assisted with his 2 sons who helped him in completing the project throughout the 4 years.

What Majeed has achieved is incredible keeping in mind the limited resources he had.

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