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A Pakistani Man Claims to Have Written the World’s Largest Handwritten Quran

World's largest handwritten Quran

A Pakistani man named; Pir Imtiaz Haider claims that he has written the World’s largest handwritten Quran. He is a resident of satellite town area, Faisalabad.

According to Haider, it took him a year to complete the whole task.

The length of the handwritten holy scripture is around 3,125 ft. Haider has used 4 different colours while writing the scripture and later on rolled each page around a ruler in order to protect it. The approximate weight of the Holy Quran is 150kg and is placed at a shrine for displaying.

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He says that his objective behind this activity is to build a positive image of Pakistan and also to boost the Quranic teachings so that each and every Muslim abides by the teachings and rules of the Holy book.

This man has already written Quran with his hands which is 51 ft long and is a part of the Guinness Book of World Record and he is pretty sure that this time also his scripture will make it to the book of World Records.

Haider does claims to have beaten the Egyptian record of writing the holy book in just 1 year. An Egyptian artist wrote the holy book which lengths around 2,300 ft and completed it in 3 years.

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