A Pakistani Jewish Man Wants to Travel to Israel on Pakistani Passport

Pakistani Jew Israel

A Jewish Pakistani has appealed to the government to allow him to visit Israel on Pakistani Passport. The Jewish Pakistan Fishel Khalid requested the government to permit him Israeli visa on Pakistani passport so that he can visit Jerusalem.

“Ohh the Irony Please allow me to visit Jerusalem Israel on a Pakistani passport.


Fishel also uploaded a picture along with the tweet that stated

“This passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel”

On receiving backlash from the people Fishel replied to a tweet saying, “Dear Dar, first of all being Jew is not garbage. But if you still insist then consider us garbage belonging to Pakistan and learn to deal with it. Pakistani State and government must abide by the constitutional right to profess religion of Pakistani Jews”

The mother of Fishel was Jewish and father was Muslim. He was .not very religious but as grew old, he wanted to search meaning in his life.

He said, “Judaism appealed to him, and as an adult he legally registered as a Jew in Pakistan, making him one of a very small minority in that country. I asked him why he made this choice even though it’s brought him backlash from within his own family.”

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On receiving support from the people of Pakistan he said, “The good people are always in the majority, and they also support. But their support is soft support, and the extremist-minded people – they are always in minority. They are few numbers, but they are so loud that they’re able to make a heck of a noise. But in general, people do accept the fact that a person should have freedom of religion.”

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